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USAID-ATAI Evidence Summit: Agricultural Technology Adoption & Food Security in Africa

Agriculture Conference   |  past event  |  Jun 01 2011

As part of the process of learning to inform policy, USAID’s Bureau of Planning, Policy and Learning, Office of Learning Evaluation and Research (USAID/PPL/LER), Bureau for Food Security (USAID/BFS) in partnership with the Agricultural Technology Adoption Initiative (ATAI) held an evidence summit focused on agricultural technology adoption in Africa.

The specific aims of the Evidence Summit were to:
  • Highlight the role of technology in agricultural production (including stories of success across the continent)
  • Identify technologies that are appropriate for Africa and with proven potential for increasing agricultural productivity and impact on food security and incomes (which technologies are being adopted, where, and by whom?)
  • Provide insight and enhanced understanding of constraints to agricultural technology adoption.
  • Outline key strategies for increasing the adoption of profitable agricultural technology, including the role of policies, institutions, and infrastructure.
  • Make recommendations for strategies and policies to be developed by USAID missions, and governmnets in the region, to support agriculture technology adoption.
For more information on the Evidence Summit, including Powerpoint presentations, please visit the Agrilinks website.


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