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Labor Science: New Data Tools To Promote Equity and Fairness

Opportunity Lab Conference   |   Apr 23 2020

As part of O-Lab’s Labor Science Initiative, focused on opening new datasets and applying new computer science tools to the study of labor markets and social inequality, O-Lab will be hosting an afternoon of faculty and graduate student presentations of work operating through this initiative. The event will feature presentations on fairness and bias in algorithm design, discrimination in the health and criminal justice fields, and gender disparities in hiring, among others. The afternoon of talks will allow scholars and stakeholders working across disciplines to hear from their colleagues and to share perspectives on how new data systems and tools can be used to answer new research questions and promote equity in the workplace and the public sector.

This event is open to the public.

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Date & Time

Apr 23 2020

  • Schmidt Futures

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Conrad Miller
UC Berkeley
Ziad Obermeyer
UC Berkeley
Nina Roussille
UC Berkeley
Esther Rolf
UC Berkeley
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