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DS4D / Geo4Dev Intern Spring 2021

CEGA’s DS4D (Data Science for Development) work aims to improve the visibility and usage of innovative datasets and research using “big data” in global development. Our Geo4Dev Initiative, launched officially in December, 2020, takes a step in this direction by promoting geospatial resources for development through the new website. However, there is limited capacity to populate this website with relevant open access resources generated by our academic community. Additionally, there are significant opportunities for an intern to conduct literature reviews and scoping exercises to add coherence to DS4D research sourcing and fundraising efforts.

The DS4D intern would report to the DS4D Program Manager, Sam Fishman. The intern would also interact, under the direction of the DS4D Program Manager, with external partners at New Light Technologies, who manage the Geo4.Dev website. The intern will attend a weekly meeting with the DS4D Program Manager. Deliverables and deadlines will be determined on an ad hoc basis. This is a part-time opportunity and there is a stipend available for this internship.


We envision the DS4D intern to engage in the following activities:

  • Populate the Website: The primary task of the intern will be to assist CEGA and our Geo4Dev partner, New Light Technologies, in populating the website with journals, articles, datasets, and tools related to geospatial analytics for development. The intern will identify relevant open source resources and develop metadata structures for these resources. In addition, the intern will apply web development skills, including basic HTML, gitflow, and javascript, to ensure relevant resources are appropriately posted and to conduct user testing for new tools on the Geo4.Dev website.
  • DS4D Scoping Exercise: The nascent DS4D program at CEGA is working to identify opportunities to build partnerships, identify funding opportunities, and source new research. To efficiently pursue opportunities in this space, the intern will assist CEGA in pursuing a number of internal “scoping” projects:
  • “Ongoing” research literature review (Faculty Affiliate Focus): The intern will work with the DS4D Program Manager to catalogue, describe, and tag ongoing research by CEGA faculty and other relevant research partners that involve “Big Data” and data science approaches. This database will help CEGA management to efficiently matchmake and identify new proposals in the DS4D space.
  • Donor and RFP scoping: The intern will work with the DS4D Program Manager to catalogue, describe, and tag ongoing fundraising and donor opportunities and demands in the DS4D space.
  • Data Scoping: The intern will work with the DS4D manager to identify critical datasets, and raw data sources, generated by the DS4D community. This will include cataloguing academic, private sector, NGO, and other actors generating data, and the most recent analytic use cases for data in developing economies.
  • Tools and Software Scoping: The intern will work with the DS4D manager to identify, catalogue, and tag software, online tools and platforms, and other resources used in the DS4D space. This will include cataloguing private sector and NGO actors that develop these resources, and the most recent use cases for these resources.
  • Help CEGA identify partnership opportunities: The intern will apply technical knowledge of data analytics tools and software to identify and propose synergistic partnerships between technology companies, data firms, CEGA researchers, and policy partners.

Desired Skills and Experience

  • Web development skills, including HTML, Gitflow, and Javascript proficiencies
  • Data science experience / expertise
  • Experience with social science research, particularly in the field of development economics
  • Experience with geospatial data and analysis
  • Experience conducting literature reviews
  • Experience conducting web-based research

How to Apply

Please send a one-page cover letter and CV to Sam Fishman at with the Subject “DS4D / Geo4Dev Intern – Spring 2021.”

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