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Annual Conference on Measurement Technology (II): Technologies for Crisis Response & Resilience


Please join us for a discussion of remote sensing and monitoring technologies for crisis response and community resilience. The workshop will discuss measurement of environmental and settlement changes during shocks, leveraging new technologies like micro-satellites, sensor networks, and mobile computing.

Date and Time

Jun 22, 2015 9:00am — 2:00pm


This is a closed workshop. Please email for instructions.


Detailed agenda.

Opening Remarks by Temina Madon and Manisha Bhinge

Assessing Impacts in Agriculture at Ultra-low Costs, David Lobell (Stanford University) and Talip Kilic (World Bank)

Differentiating Irrigated and Rainfed Agriculture for Efficient Water Usage in Morocco, Travis Lybbert and Michael Norton (UC Davis)

High Resolution Earth Imagery for Sustainable Development, Taner Kodanaz (DigitalGlobe)

Integrating Mobile Data Collection with Satellite Imagery, Nicholai Lidow (Premise)

Using Telecom Data for Social Good, Daan Struyven (Real Impact Analytics)

Early-warning Systems to Prevent Fires in Urban Slums, Paul Mesarcik (Lumkani)

Peer to Peer Communication for Resilience, Meena Palaniappan (Atma Connect)

Data Mining to Increase Small Farmer Resilience & Agricultural Performance in Latin America, Everett Wetchler (Bayes Impact)

Finding Data Invisibles: Addressing the Data Gap with Callboxes, Rose Shuman and Mita Paramita (QuestionBox)

Crowdsourcing Community Resilience Solutions in Dhaka, Ian O'Donnell (Red Cross)

Sensors in Service of Public Health, Evan Thomas (Portland State University)

Building Resilient Health Systems Through Remote Monitoring and Analytics, Martin Lukac (Nexleaf Analytics)

Bridging the Environmental Data Divide, Sean McDonald (Frontline SMS)


David Lobell (Stanford University), Andrew Zolli (Planet Labs), Evan Thomas (Portland State University), Talip Kilic (World Bank), Amir Jina (University of Chicago), Nicholai Lidow (Premise Data Corp.), Travis Lybbert & Michael Norton (UC Davis), Paul Mesarcik (Lumkani), Meena Palaniappan (Atma Connect), Everett Wetchler (Bayes Impact), Rose Shuman & Mita Paramita (QuestionBox), Martin Lukac (Nexleaf Analytics), Sean McDonald (Frontline SMS), Daan Struyven (Real Impact Analytics), Ian O'Donnell (Red Cross), Taner Kodanaz (DigitalGlobe).


The Rockefeller Foundation, USAID, SIDA.