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CEGA Research Retreat (R^2) 2013


The CEGA Research Retreat (R^2) is an annual gathering of invited faculty, staff and students from multiple CEGA campuses with a shared interest in impact evaluation. The purpose of R^2, which features presentations by CEGA-affiliated researchers and their collaborators, is to generate feedback for new and ongoing research, and to stimulate productive discussions among participants. 

Held in October 2013, the fifth annual R^2 featured presentations by five CEGA faculty and one visiting scholar, and many engaging interactions among over 60 participants.

Photo credit: John Morgan via Flickr

The agenda for the event can be found below, along with PDFs of available presentations and papers.

Date and Time

Oct 25, 2013 8:00am — 6:00pm


100 Blum Hall

University of California, Berkeley


8:00-9:00am Breakfast
Introduction (presentation)
Temina Madon, Exec. Director and Lauren Russell, Operations Manager
“Pricing Ideology: Evidence from an Experiment in Pakistan"
Noam Yuchtman, UC Berkeley and Michael Callen, UCLA
“Payments Infrastructure and the Performance of Public Programs: Evidence from Biometric Smartcards in India”
Karthik Muralidharan, UC San Diego
10:55-11:10am Coffee Break
“Perverse Consequences of Well-Intentioned Regulation: Evidence from India's Child Labor Ban”
Prashant Bharadwaj, UC San Diego

Reajul Chowdhury, UC Berkeley (BRAC-CEGA Visiting Scholar)

Presentation (PDF)

12:20-1:30pm Lunch
"Agricultural Shocks, Wealth Constraints, and International Migration: Evidence from 19th Century Sweden"
Randall Akee, UCLA
2:20-3:00pm Coffee Break / Breakout Sessions
“Debates: Impact of Voter Knowledge Initiatives in Sierra Leone”
Katherine Casey, Stanford University
Faculty Meeting – State of CEGA
CEGA Faculty and Staff
5:00-6:00pm Beer Hour


Joshua Blumenstock (UC Berkeley), Prashant Bharadwaj (UC San Diego), Karthik Muralidharan (UC San Diego), Katherine Casey (Stanford University), Noam Yuchtman (UC Berkeley), Randall Akee (UC Los Angeles), Reajul Chowdhury (BRAC-CEGA Visiting Scholar), Temina Madon (Executive Director, CEGA), Lauren Russell (Operations Manager, CEGA)