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CEGA Research Retreat (R^2) 2011


The CEGA Research Retreat (R^2) is an annual gathering of invited faculty, staff and students from multiple CEGA campuses with a shared interest in impact evaluation. The purpose of R^2, which features presentations by CEGA-affiliated researchers and their collaborators, is to generate feedback for new and ongoing research, and to stimulate productive discussions among participants.

Held in October 2011, the third annual R^2 featured presentations by five CEGA faculty and four graduate student fellowship recipients. Presentation topics included air pollution and labor supply in Mexico, minding spare change at small businesses in Kenya, alternative secondary schools in Honduras, cash transfers and child development in Ecuador, and targeting economic assistance in India.

The agenda for the event can be found below, along with PDFs and links for available presentations and papers.

Event Photos

Date and Time

Oct 28, 2011 8:30am — 6:00pm


Seaborg Room at the Faculty Club

University of California, Berkeley


8:30-9:00am Breakfast
Opening Remarks
Temina Madon, CEGA Executive Director
“The Effect of Air Pollution on Labor Supply:  Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Mexico City”
Paulina Oliva, UC Santa Barbara
Presentation (PDF) | Paper (PDF)
“Spare Change and Forgotten Sales: Evidence from an Experiment with Small Businesses in Kenya”
Jeremy Magruder, UC Berkeley
Presentation (PDF)
11:15-11:30am Coffee Break
“The Impact of Alternative Secondary Schools on Rural Adolescents: Evidence from the Honduran SAT Program”
Erin Murphy-Graham, UC Berkeley
2011 CEGA Weiss Family Fellowship Recipients: Andrew Dustan, Pierre Bachas, Lauren Falcao, Jamie McCasland, UC Berkeley
“Effect of Ecuador’s Cash Transfer Program (Bono de Desarrollo Humano) on Child Development in Infants and Toddlers: A Randomized Effectiveness Trial”
Lia Fernald, UC Berkeley
2:45-3:00pm Coffee Break
“Targeting with Agents”
Paul Niehaus, UC San Diego
Presentation (PDF) | Paper (PDF)
Faculty Meeting – State of CEGA
Temina Madon, CEGA Executive Director
Ted Miguel, CEGA Faculty Director
Craig Mcintosh, CEGA Faculty Associate Director
5:00-6:00pm Beer Hour


Paul Niehaus (UC San Diego), Erin Murphy-Graham (UC Berkeley), Lia Fernald (UC Berkeley), Paulina Oliva (USC), Jeremy Magruder (UC Berkeley), 2011 CEGA Weiss Family Fellowship Recipients: Andrew Dustan, Pierre Bachas, Lauren Falcao, Jamie McCasland (UC Berkeley)