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Reporting Research: A Workshop for Journalists & Social Scientists


The East Africa Social Science Translation (EASST) Collaborative held a one-day workshop intended to foster collaboration between social scientists and journalists working in East Africa and the U.S. Journalists had the opportunity to learn more about cutting edge research in development economics, while social scientists learned how narratives are crafted around the findings from statistical research.

Date and Time

Jul 14, 2012 9:00am — 1:00pm


Hotel Africana
Kampala, Uganda


Ice Breaker
Lynn Najjemba, PANOS
Both journalists and researchers had the opportunity to share experiences interacting with their counterparts. We explored issues of trust, integrity, policy, and practice in the communication of issues and findings in development economics.

Introduction to Impact Evaluation for Journalists
Angeli Kirk, PhD candidate, UC Berkeley
Journalists received a brief overview of impact evaluation, and how this rigorous approach to social science research can yield new insights for governance, economic development, and social service delivery. 

Communicating Research Through Media, for Social Scientists
Joel Okao, PANOS
Social scientists were exposed to key concepts in journalism practice, including editorial structure, news values / newsworthiness, and audience demand.

Group Projects: Interview with a Social Scientist
Joel Okao & Lynn Najjemba, PANOS
Journalists and scientists worked together to craft a “researcher interview” on a research intervention that has proven impact. The exercise involved brainstorming as well as role-playing.


Lynn Najjemba, Angeli Kirk, Joel Okao


PANOS Eastern Africa, Equal Access