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Impact Evaluation Workshop for the Rwanda School of Public Health


This technical workshop, hosted by CEGA and the World Bank, offered training on impact evaluation methods and statistical analysis for the Rwanda School of Public Health team.  Lessons – which were both lecture and problem-based – were tailored to the team’s evaluation of the Rwandan performance-based contracting scheme for general health and HIV/AIDS services.  The contracting scheme and evaluation are a joint effort by the Government of Rwanda and the World Bank, undertaken to inform policy in the health and HIV/AIDS sector in Rwanda. The impact evaluation is conducted under the leadership of the Government of Rwanda Ministry of Health and the National AIDS Control Commission.


Paul Gertler (UC Berkeley), Garret Christensen (UC Berkeley), Damien de Walque (World Bank), Willa Friedman (UC Berkeley), Rachel Gardner (UC Berkeley), Mitchell Hoffman (UC Berkeley), Laurence Lannes (LSE), Sebastian Martinez (World Bank), Christel Vermeersch (World Bank)


This workshop was offered to members of the Rwanda School of Public Health team.