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Hacking Measurement


This course addresses the fast-growing area of social and environmental measurement using technologies such as mobile devices, "Internet of Things" (or "Web of Things") style sensors, and remote sensing. We will take a project-based approach, with a classroom discussion each week, followed by a tutorial / practicum.

Note that the focus of this course is on data collection and management. Teams will likely do some basic visualization and exploratory data analysis; statistics and/or machine learning are not expected.

We will leverage support from the Social Science Matrix, the D-Lab, the Berkeley Institute of Data Science (BIDS), and Berkeley Research Computing to provide necessary training, hardware, and compute resources.

Date and Time

Aug 26, 2015 — Dec 18, 2015


School of Information, UC Berkeley


Class-entry code (CEC) required for enrollment. Prospective students must show up of the first day of class; CECs will be distributed after project teams are formed.

Course enrollment is limited to 25 students. In the event of over-enrollment, admission to the course will be based on the quality of the team and the fit with the semester’s projects.

Units:  2


UC Berkley D-Lab